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Editor: E.T. Babinski

April 1985, Premiere Issue! April Fool's Day!

  • Scientific Creationism and teaching Evolution in the Classroom. Common ancestry, human origins from one-celled organisms, and close physical similarity between juvenile chimps and humans.
  • The Man From S.T.O.R.K.
    Anecdotal short story about belief in pseudo-scientific theories.
  • The Grass Snake Vs. The Oppossum
    The Grass Snake's defence against predators, to mimick fangs, and the scent of death to ward off predators.
  • T.H. Huxley's Famous Answer To Bishop Wilberforce
    Darwin's colleague, Huxley's response to Bishop Wilberforce, on descent from apes.
  • Longevity
    Logan Pearsall Smith's antecdote on human evolution.

    Summer 1985, Fun With Genesis Issue

  • Fun with Genesis Righteous Folks Don't Make Jokes
    A light-hearted look at Genesis, and questioning the Creation.
  • Why Man Must Question God, and Why God Must Answer
    Thoughts on Adam, the Temptation, Fall of Man, and why God must answer questions.
  • Three 'Whys' Men: Voltaire, Shaw, Twain
    Paul's claim death entered the world through Adam's trangression. The forbidden fruit and immortal life.
  • Does Genesis Pose More Questions Than The Book of Revelation?
    Common questions raised in reading of Genesis.
  • Irreconcilable Differences
    Irreconcilable differences in the two accounts which were woven together from ancient writers in Genesis.
  • Geocentricity of Genesis
    Genesis tells the Sun was made to rule the day, measured in earth's time, comparatively the Cosmos and the immensity of space, hints at a geocentric Biblical passage.
  • Carnivores, Meat Eaters in Genesis
    Creationist questions on the emergence of carnivores and what says, according to Genesis.
  • Naming the Animals in Eden
    Questions on species which were absent in the Garden of Eden.
  • The Fall of Man Taken Allegorically
    G.K. Chesterton on the Fall of Man.
  • Theistic Evolution
    What theistic evolution entails, and descriptive account of God's creating if so.

    Fall/Winter 1985, Fun With Atheism

  • Atheist Test
    A short test to determine if you're an atheist.
  • Is God Necessary?
    Why does such unnecessary vastness, and/or an immense capacity to expand, exist both in space and time, and is anything necessary for that matter?
  • Atheist's Club
    Antecdotal short story on God speaking to members of the Atheist Club.
  • Atoms and Materialism
    Atoms and Materialism, an outdated philosophy.
  • Matter or Music?
    A cosmic symphony of the planetary sound in Earth and surrounding worlds.
  • Atheist Musings
    Atheist musings on the randomness and evolution of the Cosmos.
  • Anti-Reductionists' Collections of Sayings
    Collection of famous quotes that address simplifying the complex down to abstraction or absurdity.
  • Postcard from Nietzsche
    Creation account which was found on the back of a postcard little Friedrich Nietzsche mailed his Dad from a summer camp in Switzerland, after having just been tossed off the Alps, as a prank, by the bully who slept in the bunk below him.
  • Interview with God
    Fictional Interview with God, revealing the Creation from God's perspective.